Available VPN options

LeafyVPN is no longer available, but you can use these VPN services instead:

Why should you use a VPN?

Surf the web without any restrictions.
Access Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Skype, Google services, VOIP, TV channels and streaming videos like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, CBS, NBC, and many more.
Significantly drop ping while gaming.
Do you play online games? Need extra help for Player vs Player success? Use a VPN to improve ping performance. No additional setup required.

100+ servers covering 10+ countries.
Connect to any of our servers on our global network at no extra cost. More servers being added in different countries. Unlimited switching.
Easy to use, on any computer or devices.
The same VPN account works on all the supported platforms and devices. Typically VPN apps support Windows 7/8/10/11, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Secure and anonymous web surfing.
Secured connection for all programs with 128/256 bit encryption, like ICQ, Email, FTP, Skype, Zoom etc. Anonymous surfing by hiding your real IP address.
99.9% service uptime. 24/7 support.
Most of the paid VPN services have 24/7 support provided by a team of IT professionals, aiming to bring the best Internet experience to the customers by using the latest technologies.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

  • Protect your internet connection on potentially unsafe networks. Connecting to networks such as Wi-Fi hotspots can be risky because your online traffic can easily be intercepted by hackers using the same network. This can include websites you are visiting as well as usernames/passwords used to login to websites. When you are using a VPN service, your traffic is encrypted and hidden from people trying to steal your sensitive data.
  • Surf anonymously and hide your online identity. By encrypting your traffic everything you do online will become anonymous and your online identity will be hidden. Anonymity is very important to protect your personal information and to make sure that it is never revealed to hackers, fraudsters and other snoops.
  • Virtually change your country of residence and bypass geographic restrictions for websites and various online services. Some websites may restrict content to specific countries which can be annoying if you are on a journey. Connect to a VPN server in the country you wish to 'virtually reside' in and you will make the website 'think' you are actually in that country.
  • VPN encryption applies to all traffic incoming to and outgoing from your computer. Unlike web proxies which work only with your web surfing traffic, a VPN automatically encrypt traffic for all applications on your computer, whether this be your web browser, instant messaging or email client, Skype or file sharing application.
  • Bypass governments' censorship and other similar internet restrictions. The World Wide Web is not so free and open in some countries. A VPN helps you bypass restrictions and censorship imposed by your ISP or government.